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Your stuff. Your schedule. Your budget. At City Moving, your move begins and ends with You.

No move is the same, so why should you pay the same price as someone else? A Generic price is generically bound to change later on. City moving puts the control in your hands, so you can decide how much to spend.

The following Criteria will dictate your price. Follow the steps to build your own personal move!

(Bear in mind the more information you provide, the easier it will be to offer you a flat price!)

To ensure unbeatable price for just the right services, you should consider all of the following:

Your accurate inventory list

No move is the same, your things will never be the same as someone else. You’ve spent a lifetime curating a unique collection of items. Our pledge is to get your stuff to its destination quickly, safely and whole. Together, we can ensure that your price accurately represents your unique inventory of belongings, packed and moved the way you want. Our professional relocation staff will work with you to make an accurate inventory. The more specific you are, the more specific the price. Part of what you are paying for is what is being moved. More things equal more money and less equals less, SIMPLE! We will help you make a price that suits your needs and budget.

Your Floorplan & Accessibility

Do you have an Elevator? Stairs? Long distance for carrying your belongings? Any tight corners to navigate? Are there access issues? Does your apartment require insurance? These are all things to consider when planning your move. In order to provide you with an accurate quote and a move free of surprises, we will collect detailed information about the layout of the property you’re moving from (your origin) and the property you’re moving to (your destination). Every moving company charges differently for these aspects or worse, hides their charges altogether and adds them on later. City Moving will always be up front about the pricing for the service you are paying for. The more we know, the more we can offer!

Your destination

How far will your belongings be traveling? Across town? Across borders? Across the world? Your City Moving Relocation Consultant will present you with a variety of options—combinations of shipping methods, routes, and time frames—to help you determine excellent solution for your budget and schedule. The price we present to you will account for mileage, fuel, tolls and other charges so you won’t be presented with any unexpected fees.

Your packing

What kind of packing services are you looking for? Do you need a few boxes or a FULL packing service? City Moving will discuss with you the price of materials, the labor and amount of hours to accomplish your goal and of course your professional movers can offer expert packing of anything you require! *Note: Packing of furniture is Complimentary with City Moving- with a few exceptions, please ask!

Additional services

Do you need any assistance with carpentry, cleaning or IT/Computer/Cable set up? We will discuss the pricing for these services and recommend excellent providers, and how they can fit into your budget!

Try P.R.E.P., your Personal Relocation Estimator & Pricer, to explore your moving options, and to guide you in assembling the moving program that ideally meets your budget. It’s easy—and actually kind of fun.

If you would prefer to walk through the process on the phone with a City Moving Relocation Consultant, don’t hesitate to give us a call. And we’ll be happy to come visit you—at no charge of course—to help you develop an accurate assessment of the labor and materials required to complete your move. And, once we present you with a price, we do not change it. No surprises.

Your move should be based on you and YOUR needs.  Whether you are moving a сouch or an entire house, we will give you an accurate price and we will fix that price based on the information you provide.

City Moving will be with you every step of the way