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Crating / Carpentry

Custom designed and manufactured crates for valuable goods

Whether it is a piece of art (large or small), or a piano, you can always speak to your Relocation Coordinator about these services. City Moving runs its own custom Crating and Carpentry shop in house, so there is no “Middle Man” and less chance of mistakes due to outsourcing.

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One size does not fit all

In fact, some items won’t fit into any available box. That’s when you need a custom designed and manufactured crate—to get your most unique and treasured items from door to door—safe and whole.

Whether it’s a marble statue imported from Italy, a 1600cc custom motorcycle assembled in Wisconsin, or an antique piano from the Old West, certain items require special crating.

  • Artwork (Large and Small)
  • Antique furnishings
  • Large musical instruments
  • Vehicles and recreational toys
  • Sensitive appliances and tools
  • Laboratory and manufacturing equipment
  • Safes and firearms
  • Garden statuary
  • Aquariums
  • And other delicate, large or odd-shaped items

The professionals responsible for transporting your valuable belongings are the qualified to determine the specifications of the crates that will protect them on their journey. City Moving operates custom crating and carpentry shops in-house, reducing costs and eliminating the risk of error (and breakage) due to out-sourcing.

When conducting your pre-move inventory, your City Moving Relocation Consultant will provide you with a fixed fair price for your custom crating needs to assure that all your treasures will Move Happy.

City Moving will be with you every step of the way