Covid-19 & the City Moving Pledge

Due to the recent global outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic, communities over the entire nation are faced with a new reality that presents extreme challenges in our daily lives. In this digital era, information is relatively easy to come by, that being said the unknow is still great and at the moment there are more questions than answers.

The team of CM is fully committed to provide updates of any regulations mandated by federal, state, or local industry governing bodies. Furthermore, will provide information about self-imposed actions and implemented processes designed to ensure the safety of our valued clients, employees, partners, and communities we serve.

“Safer At Home” order is imposed in most communities, However the Moving industry is included in the list of business that have been deemed essential by the federal & local government . The entire CM team is prepared to assist in these strange times. WE ARE SAFE & FULLY OPERATIONAL.

We operate with full compliance of all CDC guidelines, as well as our clients “wants & needs” when it comes to safety and convenience. Our Mission is to provide an environment that is safe to our clients and teams that service them.

City Moving will take any action in order to achieve such mission. Of utmost importance is educating and providing reliable information to everyone that is part of the move process- clients & employees alike. We hope you find the below information practical, and useful in easing your mind during these confusing times.

Pro-Active Steps

  • Pre-move “health-certification”- all crew members are subject to daily checkup of COVID-19 symptoms.
  • Daily huddle – every morning before leaving to work, the crews are verbally reminded of safety protocols.
  • Uniforms- every morning field employees are provided with “fresh” sanitized set of company shirt & pants.
  • Uniforms, post move- we ask all field employees to leave their used uniformed in a designated are, where we sanitize wash & fold.
  • COVID-19 Safety Kit- each truck is equipped with one, it includes facemasks, gloves, hand sanitizers, surface sanitizer, soap etc...
  • Equipment treatment- equipment such as trucks, dollies, pads tools etc...are sanitized daily.
  • Mandatory hygiene practice- field employees are asked to wash their hands every two hours and sanitize work surface.
  • Face mask- wearing one is mandatory indoors, and highly recommended out-doors.
  • Smaller teams- in an effort to eliminate congregating in small spaces, dispatch smaller size team. We never charge hourly- you pay the same.
  • Post move shower-for the safety of our employees and their families, we ask that they wash at the showers in our facilities by day end.
  • Electronic documentation- all docs are electronically available to employees and clients and can be directed to personal devices.

We Ask for Your Help

  • We recommend that all but one member of the household would be prepared to leave or stay outside for the duration of the move.
  • We ask that access to running water would be allowed to crew members, as we require employees to wash their hands periodically.
  • We recommend that clients that are presents during the move ,wear facemask as well as keep a distance of 6 feet from crew members.
  • If a face mask is not available- City Moving will gladly provide new one for clients, we ask that they use it.
  • We encourage clients to make use of advanced technology available- documents signing is electronically available.
  • Pre-move survey- using available options like video chats, Apps or phone survey is highly recommended.


  • City Moving has a large global office team that is fully operational and is equipped to assist with all request.
  • Office business hours are extended and covers four time zones-spread from Hawaii to our NYC locations.
  • As mentioned, there are many questions to be answered, we encourage clients to reach out, and as many times needed.
  • Enhanced office team is in place anticipating large volume of calls, we are prepared for last min changes, delays, or any other requests.

Useful Info

CDC Guidelines:

DOD Guidelines:

CS Contact: 808 800-2315 /

City Moving will be with you every step of the way