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Your Complete Office Moving Checklist

Moving your office is a big deal- there’s nothing quite like moving an entire team of people, valuable equipment, and information all while trying to be productive along the way. Organization and planning are the key to a smooth office move, and we’re here to help you coordinate the logistics to prevent anything unexpected along the way.

Use our office relocation checklist to help you move smoothly.

Six Months Before You Move:

-Go over your lease

Do you need to break your lease early? Is there any property damage? Ask yourself these questions to make sure you don’t miss any details.

-Choose a moving company

Get quotes from moving companies in your budget and who service your area. Call us to get your free quote 1-888-794-8808.

-Set a budget

Set your budget up-front to prevent overspending and to make sure you spend money in the places where it’s worth it.

Three Months Before You Move:

-Set your moving date

Once you’ve decided on your new space, book a date with your moving company to secure your moving plans.

-Create a moving plan

Make a checklist of your move, including everyone that was involved, and everything you need to take care of.

-Make a moving team

Create a team of employees to decide on the to-do’s like task lists, coordination, and responsibilities.

Notify your employees

Give your team the proper notice so they can plan their lives accordingly.

-Inform Your Partners, Clients, and Suppliers

Will your move effect your clients and anyone externally? Make sure they know your new contact information so they know how your move would impact any projects or business.

-Order specialized equipment

Make a note of all the new specialize equipment you need to replace or upgrade that may take a lot of time to ship. Ordering it ahead of time will allow it to be ready on moving day.

-Hire an interior designer

If your new space needs special design, decorating, or any kind of aesthetic help, now is the time to make plans for that.

Two Months Before You Move:

-Choose Your Floor Plan

Decide on your new office structure, desk setup, and furniture. Consider everything like power sockets, common areas, internet connection, and anywhere where big items will be placed so you can stay organized.

-Setup your IT Plan

Decide on the amount of help you will need to setup and connect your new office.

-Secure Extra Storage

Make sure you keep extra things safe in storage if you don’t have room in your new space. City Moving offers secure, 24/7 temperature-controlled storage for your office relocation needs.

One Month Before You Move

-Log Inventory

Make sure to keep track of everything you have in your office so you can know what is being moved and where it will go on your new space.

-Transfer Utilities

Setup a date to cancel your utilities in your current office and look into new options for your new location.

-Update All of Your Materials

Update your company address on any materials like your company website, social media, banks, accounts receivable and payable, subscriptions, Google, Yelp, email signatures, and more.

Two Weeks Ahead

-Finalize plans with your moving team

Share your plans and itinerary for the days before the move so everyone understands who will be doing what.

-Setup IT systems

Ensure that you have a team ready to setup your IT systems. Make sure to back anything up before the move so nothing gets damaged and you won’t have trouble rebooting on moving day.

-Purge inventory

When you are moving offices, consider getting rid of old files, furniture, and anything extra that you don’t need.

On Moving Day

-Setup Your Office

Use the outline you made to setup your new office design. Make sure to arrange the equipment, desks, and furniture in their designated space. If you’re working with a moving company, this is where your planning will help them place everything where it needs to go.

-Do a Walk Through

Go through your old office space to keep track of any damage and missing items.

-Plug in your phone and IT systems

Make sure your new space is fully connected.

After You Move

-Test phones and IT systems

Make sure all of the technology you’ve setup is working so your business is up and running in no time.

-Confirm that you ended your old lease and change of address

Double check that everything in your old lease was ended properly and that your clients and partners know about your change and your address is properly updated in all places.

Here are City Moving, you can ensure an easy and stress-free moving process for your office relocation. Contact us directly to see how we can get you into your new office space. Call us at 1-888-794-8808.

City Moving will be with you every step of the way