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Top 5 Safest Suburbs in the US

Looking to relocate to the suburbs? You will want to consider the safety of your new neighborhood before you think about moving there. But not to worry, we’ve provided a list of the top 5 safest suburbs the U.S. to get you started.

1. Arlington, VA

This D.C. suburb is one of the best places for young professional and families to reside on Northern, Virginia. Not only is it very close to the nation’s capital, but it is nearby a ton of opportunities for singles and families. The job market is thriving and the crime rate is 61% lower than the nations average. The median home price for this area is $723,800.

2. Brookline, MA

Located just outside of Boston, Brookline gives residents and urban feel with nice restaurants, fun bars, and tons of public transit. It’s considered one of Boston’s safest neighborhoods for students, families, and professionals. According to statistics, it’s crime rate comes in at 55% lower than the national average. The median home price is 1.4 million.

3. Cary, NC.

Just outside of Raleigh, NC, Cary gives residents all of the benefits of the big city with a ton of small-town charm, great schools, and nice neighbors. Cary is a popular choice for families thanks to all of the kid-friendly activities and extremely safe neighborhoods. The crime rate in this city is 60% lower than the national average with the average home price being $374,000.

4. Coppell, TX

This affordable suburb is a favorite for Dallas residents. It offers plenty of amazing public schools and a small community feel. Coppell is located right next to the airport which makes traveling extremely convenient as well. The crime rate in this area is 49% lower than the national average with the median home price of $450,000.

5. Frisco, TX

It’s well known that Frisco residents enjoy an extremely high quality of life. In 2018 it was named the best place to live in America by Money.com. Not only is this area’s job market strong, but its neighborhoods are safe and it has great schools. The crime rate in this area is 28% lower than the national average but the suburb is safer than 61% of the cities in the U.S with a median home price of $439,000.

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