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How to Prepare Your Employees for an Office Move

Relocating your business is an exciting time. Whether you are growing and expanding or downsizing, the change can bring about all kinds of questions for your employees. Moving is often thought to be a stressful time, and this is especially true for employees who want to be prepared for an easy and stress-free moving day. Taking the time to give your employees a thoughtful moving plan is the key to success. Our advice is to show positivity and excitement about the move so that your employees are on board and do their part. Here are some tips on how to do this:

Tip 1 - Give Your Employees Information Early

There are few things worse than an employee hearing news about an office relocation at the last minute. Make sure you give your staff all the information they need ahead of time to prepare for this transition. Give them information about why the move is happening and the next steps to ease the stress and strain of moving.

Tip 2 - Get Employees Involved

After you inform your staff of all the new things happening in your move, you can ask them to be more involved in each step. For example, you can establish committees to help make the move go smooth, help design the new office space, plan the new seating arrangement, and more. Involving your employees in your office move will help things go more smoothly and efficiently.

Tip 3 - Get Organized

Relocating your office can be quite an endeavor, but it’s also a great chance to declutter and organize your current office space. Encourage your team to organize and purge unneeded paperwork, files, and office supplies. Use the time to get rid of old furniture and equipment and consider scheduling a donation pickup. Clearing our your things before you relocate will make the process of packing and moving to your new space.

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