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Best Places to Move After the Pandemic

With the pandemic and work from home on the rise, many have considered moving to a different area. People are moving out of larger cities and are relocating to other cities and suburbs that are more affordable and provide a better quality of life. Here are 5 cities to move to after the pandemic:

1. Boulder, Colorado

Colorado is one of the most beautiful places to move with its natural landscape, rock climbing, and trail running. Residents consider it a perpetual playground, with lots of options for outdoor activities and a good quality of life. Lots of people from larger cities are moving long-distance to Boulder to continue working from home in a more open and beautiful environment.

2. Denver, Colorado

The mile-high city scored highest in the desirability category. Not only is it extremely close to the mountains, but it has a booming economy and job market. Many of the residents are active and adventurous a

3. Austin, Texas

Another great area to move to after the pandemic is Austin, Texas. It’s known for hosting the South by Southwest. It’s no secret that in non-Covid times that the music and arts scene is a major benefit to living in Austin. Austin is known for great weather, increasing diversity, low gas prices and great food. There are many pluses and minuses to moving to Austin,

4. Portland, Oregon

The pros of living in Portland are great- especially if you love outdoor adventure. Everything is so green and the best spots are close by. It’s easy to get around and there’s no sales tax on anything either. Summers are especially beautiful and beautiful especially mid-summer.

5. Sacramento, California

There are plenty of picturesque and affordable places to move to in Sacramento. If you’re from the east coast, winter will be very easy. The cost of living is lower than you’ll be close to freshwater rivers and lakes and numerous employment opportunities. Sacramento is also packed with history and is perfectly located for a weekend getaway.

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